Proper Courtroom Etiquette

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It should always be the goal of attorneys and parties in a domestic matter to resolve things outside of the courtroom; however, when efforts to negotiate fail or where one party needs to seek some form of emergency relief, it may be necessary to access the judicial system in order to get the matter resolved.  The following is a list of do’s and don’ts for parties in the courtroom: 1.ALWAYS DRESS APPROPRIATELY The courtroom should always be treated as … Read more »

Divorce Recovery Tips


Sheryl Saavedra, attorney with Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, recognizes the difficulty clients face getting through a divorce.  She recommends the following article as assistance during this challenging time. By Lucy Benton as published in Divorce How to navigate your way through the ups and downs of divorce recovery. Divorce is a painful experience that impacts you in a number of ways. Even though everyone’s divorce history is different, it has a profound negative impact on self-esteem, financial … Read more »

Best Lawyers for Decades

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Congratulations to Bobbie Batley, Sandra Morgan Little and Jan Gilman-Tepper for their selection as The Best Lawyers in America© for 2018.  Our attorneys have received this recognition annually for the past 11 years for Bobbie Batley and for the past 30+ years for Sandra Morgan Little and Jan Gilman-Tepper.  They have been selected by their peers this year for their work in Collaborative Law, Family Law and Family Law Mediation.  Best Lawyers … Read more »

7 Issues All Co-Parents Face And How To Overcome Them


Your attitude about the situation is the one thing that’s completely in your control. by Carolin Lehmann Co-parenting is no walk in the park. Disagreements about discipline, schedules and bed times can unravel even the most level-headed parent ― and when kids play their parents against one another, all hell threatens to break loose. Below, experts share the issues that come up most frequently for co-parents and how to manage them. 1. Talking badly about the other parent. “When you put down their … Read more »

How to Co-Parent With Style and Grace


by Michela Montgomery Whether you’re newly divorced or have been on your own for a while, there is one constant; co-parenting is hard. I doesn’t matter if you’re ex is June Cleaver or Bette Davis. The fact is that raising kids is hard enough, and now you have the added bonus of seven degrees of separation to the mix. However, by following a few simple rules of thumb, you can improve your relationship with your ex (and your kids) and … Read more »