Three Easy Steps to Change Last Your Name After a Divorce in New Mexico

Three Easy Steps to Change Last Your Name After a Divorce in New Mexico image

Although it is legal to keep your married name after a divorce, many women find that returning to their maiden name is a step toward a fresh start.  It is important that you let your attorney know you would like to change your last name prior to the entry of the final divorce decree, as your attorney will need to include that information in the divorce decree. While you can change your last name after the entry … Read more »

Should You Hire A Male or Female Attorney?

Should You Hire A Male or Female Attorney? image

We get this question a lot from potential clients. Possibly because in family law people believe there may be biases associated with various genders or gender roles.  “If she has a female attorney I need a female attorney too, or vice-versa.”  In my experience the decision whether to hire a male or female attorney should be based on anything, but the gender of the attorney.  I have never walked out of a hearing thinking the gender of the … Read more »

Communicating With 3rd Parties About Your Case

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Family law cases can be stressful, and it is extremely common to vent about such frustrations to family members, friends, significant others, co-workers, etcetera. However, we would recommend that you exercise caution, and remember the following before doing so: Your communications are not protected under the attorney-client privilege. Only communications between you and your lawyer are privileged. This means the opposing party could call the person you communicated with as an adverse witness against you. They could … Read more »

Dating before Your Divorce is Finalized

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It happened. You or your spouse decided it is time to go your separate ways and you are ready to move on.  You suddenly realize you have so much to do now.  Time to update your Facebook relationship status, change your profile picture create a bumble account, swipe left and right for hours on end, and go out with your friends to mingle.  I mean why you shouldn’t date since the paperwork is already started? The … Read more »

8 Tips for Successful Legal Representation

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Here are 8 tips we share with our clients for making their legal representation successful. Active involvement by the client and an understanding of how he or she can help or hinder the process is key to the ultimate success of the representation. YOUR GOALS – Jot down your goals and send them to your attorney.  As your case progresses, it’s important for you and your attorney to be mindful of them as you make decisions about the … Read more »

Divorce Recovery Tips


Sheryl Saavedra, attorney with Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, recognizes the difficulty clients face getting through a divorce.  She recommends the following article as assistance during this challenging time. By Lucy Benton as published in Divorce How to navigate your way through the ups and downs of divorce recovery. Divorce is a painful experience that impacts you in a number of ways. Even though everyone’s divorce history is different, it has a profound negative impact on self-esteem, financial … Read more »

Tips for Anger Management During Divorce

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Anger between divorcing couples can derail settlement attempts.  It also may hinder the development of good parenting plans for the children.  The following link by Jane Zatylny provides excellent tips for managing anger during divorce. Ms. Zatylny’s tips are useful guidelines to apply. COPING WITH DIVORCE-RELATED ANGER From Jane Zatylny Here’s some advice about coping with your own and your ex-spouse’s divorce-related anger. If You are Angry Write it out. Work through your … Read more »

Thinking Of Divorcing? Read This First


by Robert S. Blair Jr.-is a board-certified specialist in family law in North Carolina You’re angry as hell at the spouse you thought you knew. You want to hire the meanest, toughest SOB divorce lawyer you can find and exact the retribution you deserve by going to court. How could a judge not agree that your spouse is a complete (insert description here) and side with you on all issues? After all, you’re the one who’s being fair and … Read more »

New Study Finds Seasonal Increases in Divorce


by: Michele M. Jochner of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP The transition from the summer to fall season usually brings to mind students returning to school, the kickoff of the football matchups and the leaves changing colors.  A recent study conducted by sociologists at the University of Washington has revealed another fall seasonal occurrence: an increase in filings for divorce. This report, presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, analyzed the timing of divorce filings in Washington … Read more »

Divorce Island-How People Change When Getting Divorced


 by Mark Banschick M.D. from Pschology Today Your Your ex-wife’s different now, and dismisses what you have to say about the kids or undermines you as a parent. Your can’t get money from your ex-husband, something he never did in the past. Your seven-year-old is wetting her bed again. You discover that your eleven-year-old is sucking his thumb. Your angry adolescent has become a goody two-shoes. Your friends don’t call. And, you are surprised by the people that do call. What is going … Read more »