Here are Some Great Tips for a Conflict-Free Halloween


Are you aware that Halloween falls on a Monday…do you have a plan for your children’s trick-or treating? What does the trick-or-treat schedule look like? Who will the children be trick or treating with?  Do you know where your children will be?


It’s the perfect time to plan and avoid monstrous scheduling issues. Get a head start on your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday parenting time schedules now. Your children can enjoy a stress- and drama-free holiday with both mom and her family, as well as dad and his family.

Negotiating a clear schedule benefits the kids and you as parents.

Here are some great tips

for a conflict-free Halloween:

1. Divide the night so both parents have fun trick-or-treating. One parent can take the kids out from 3:00 to 5:00, and the next parent can trick-or-treat from 5:00 to 7:00.

2. Pick a neighborhood, pick a block, or pick a side of the street- it can work!

3. Pick a place to meet and time to transfer the kids to the other parent. Be on time to avoid a holiday conflict and ensure the fun doesn’t get interrupted.

4. Start talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans now. There is plenty of time to work out the schedule and ensure you can enjoy a joyful family holiday with your children and maintain your peace of mind!