New Mexico Women's Bar Award for Supporting Women In Law


On May 10, 2018, Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, PA, received the New Mexico Women’s Bar Award for Supporting Women in the Law.


It’s a long story.   The firm began in 1992, when Jan Gilman-Tepper and Sandra Morgan Little left the firm they had practiced with for many years.   They wanted to establish a firm in which they could provide quality representation to clients while at the same time continue to take care of their young children and spouses while allowing the people (mostly other women) who worked for them, to take care of their families as well.   This work-life balance was important to them and they wanted it for their employees as well as for themselves.   Bobbie Batley joined the firm when she was a single parent with a young child. In addition to providing all employees with health, life and disability insurance, a retirement matching program, maternity leave and competitive salaries, the firm culture has been to value family as well as work obligations. Attorneys and staff were able to stay home with sick children or sick parents when they were needed and work flexible schedules for the firm.

The firm has been woman-owned for over 25 years.   Besides representing thousands of clients, through the most difficult time in each client’s life, the firm founders continued to mentor their attorneys and staff to reach their own goals.    The firm encouraged and paid for staff education and dues in professional organizations that enhanced each woman’s standing in her field.   In hiring staff and attorneys, the firm searched out bright young women just graduating from college or law school and who were not sure what should be their next step.   Several of these young women, who worked at our firm,  received law degrees, MBA’s, Masters in psychology and counseling and paralegal certificates, most being completed while continuing to work for the firm.

In addition, Sandra, Jan and Bobbie have mentored law students and other lawyers not in the firm about family law and balancing a demanding law practice and dealing with the family demands.   They have never been too busy to answer substantive law questions, or to give advice on how to deal with a difficult client or issue and even life advice.

In the legal community, Sandra, Jan and Bobbie have donated thousands of hours to local, state and national bar associations, speaking repeatedly for continuing education classes and supporting bar associations with donations of time and financial support.

Because of the firm history of supporting women, both lawyers and lay persons, in organizations and individually, the firm was recognized by the NM Women’s Bar Association.

We could not be prouder.

By: Jan Gilman-Tepper