In many instances, divorce has become a contentious, costly, time-consuming process that damages the individuals involved for a long time. If your goal is to minimize the damages — both emotionally and financially for you and your spouse — consider working with Jan Gilman-Tepper and her team of collaborative experts. Jan’s settlement team treated both of us with respect and helped us move away from the overwhelming stress and potential animosity that seems to be so much a part of traditional divorce. We were able to create solutions regarding our business and our assets, rather than have a court impose solutions upon us. And the entire process took about one-third of the time a traditional divorce would have taken.   NM Business Owner


The results were clearly satisfactory. I recommend Ms. Jan Gilman-Tepper and the collaborative process.  Jan Gilman-Tepper and the collaborative team assisted me with not only the financial aspects of the divorce but with the emotional support and straight forward advice.  I needed to be able to conclude this chapter of my life.  I believe we reached a very fair and equitable settlement that serves each party well.   D.B.


 After suddenly finding myself in the midst of a divorce after 26 years of marriage I was a complete mess.  After my first meeting with Bobbie, I knew I had someone to help me through the process.  Working with the collaborative team was very helpful.  It helped me to beginning looking at each part, financial, emotional and the divorce itself as separate problems that were more manageable than looking at the whole problem at once.  The team was very patient and willing to go over details as many times as I needed to really understand.  It was a long painful process but 3 years later, I am happy, have a great new life and appreciate all the help and support I received from the team during that time.   H. A.


My divorce was characterized by complete lack of cooperation from my ex-husband, who vowed to make the process as painful and expensive as possible.  Sandi’s graceful relentlessness and legal skill were effective at every step. When he contested our prenuptial agreement, Sandi prevailed in court. When he dragged his feet on selling the house, Sandi and prevailed in court. During our final negotiations, Sandi led me to a very good settlement. Throughout the long complicated process, she remained sensitive to minimizing my costs.  Thank you, Sandi!   C.I.


I put off divorce for a couple of years for fear of the potential pain it might cause my daughter.  When staying in the relationship became untenable I was recommended to Ms. Jan Gilman-Tepper as the best divorce lawyer in Albuquerque.  However, I was not aware of the collaborative process when I first met with her.  That process, as practiced by Ms. Gilman-Tepper, made a difficult time easier.  In particular, it helped shield my daughter while making sure that her best interests were top-of-mind for both my ex-wife and myself.  I am extremely glad that I stumbled into the Collaborative Divorce process and Little, Gilman-Tepper, Batley .   S. S.


During life’s transition events, expert legal advice is often required to protect interests, assets and to help with clear thinking during times of stress. I recently went through a collaborative divorce where expert counsel and sage advice was needed to get me through the process. I relied on Sandra Morgan Little and her staff to support me during the collaborative divorce steps. Sandra is an expert on the process. She communicates frequently in a reassuring, confident and calm manner. She offered advice that was almost clairvoyant at times, predicting the outcomes of meetings and proposals. And Sandi and her staff were always available when I had questions. I highly recommend Sandi if you are confronted with similar life events. NM Senior Executive

Sandi was there for me when I was at my most devastated. She gained my trust immediately by getting to know me as person and learning what is most important to me. When I didn’t know how to look out for myself, she looked out for me. She suggested the Collaborative Process, then led me through the most difficult time in my life to date with both skill and sensitivity. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without her expertise. Albuquerque Business Professional

“Bobbie, I want to tell you again how grateful I am for your guidance over the last couple of years through my divorce.  I am satisfied with the outcome, and I believe it is fair for everyone.  You and your staff never forgot the real reason for the battle (my kids) and I will be forever in your debt for that.  We are doing well..  Thank you.”  Business owner