Divorce Options

Our team of exceptional attorneys at Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, P.A. is committed to assisting you in obtaining the most effective and beneficial outcome for your needs.  The multiple approaches we offer to resolve your disputes are:


Collaborative Divorce

The goal of collaborative law is cooperation without the threat of going to court. The parties and attorneys work together to develop creative options to resolve issues, including solutions that might not be available under the court model.  Our attorneys have vast experience with collaborative law cases.  Contact us to determine if the collaborative divorce model is best for your particular needs and goals.


Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, P.A. provides Mediation services for domestic relations matters including divorce, custody and domestic partner dissolutions.  In this process the parties meet together with a neutral Mediator focused on the parties desire to reach settlement. The parties ultimately reach their own agreement.   Our attorneys’ extensive experience with Mediation settlements, combined with skillful collaborative techniques provide added strength to the Mediation process we provide.


In the event of litigation, your lawyer needs to be your advocate, your shark, and in Court, your very best friend.  Our attorneys are well known in the courts by the Judges, bailiffs and court staff primarily for their preparedness, knowledge of the law, workable solutions, and effective arguments on behalf of their clients.  When you engage our Firm to represent you in your matter, you are employing a team of award recognized attorneys having a 25 year depth of trial experience.

Uncontested Divorce with Limited Legal Service

An uncontested divorce means the parties have reached agreement on all issues regarding the dissolution of their marriage including ongoing support, parenting, timesharing, property division and any other family issues.  Uncontested divorces are rare.  In such cases our experienced attorneys are able to provide limited legal services regarding the drafting of the agreements for filing with the court.  The limited service agreement clarifies that neither our attorney nor the Firm represents either party in the negotiation, preparation or filing of their agreements.

Contact Us to Get Started

Please contact our attorneys to learn how we can help you to resolve your divorce efficiently while serving the best interest of your unique situation.

New Mexico Residency Divorce Requirements

In order to file for divorce in New Mexico, one must be a resident for six months immediately preceding the filing. However, if residency is an issue, another option is to file an action for legal separation, which does not require a six-month residency.