Partner Uncoupling

Many couples decide to remain unmarried choosing to create a loving household together.  In these unmarried relationships they own property, have children and face many of the joys and challenges often associated with married life.  Sometimes these relationships or domestic partnerships break apart.  The uncoupling of the relationship can encounter issues similar to a divorce regarding the division of property, support of the children and a timesharing plan.  Our well-qualified attorneys are experienced with addressing these issues to provide a beneficial outcome.

Two of the areas of partner uncoupling which we typically address are:

Parenting Plan

A parenting plan outlines the responsibilities of each parent regarding each of their children.  It details the custody arrangement between the parents including how decisions are made regarding each child’s location of residence, religion, education, medical treatment and recreational activities.  The agreement also provides for any child support obligation and the timesharing arrangement between the parents including holidays, school breaks, birthdays and summer vacations.

Discussing the issues of timesharing and custody can be an emotional area of partner break-ups with a high potential for conflict.  While some parents are able to work together to develop a unique parenting plan, other couples may have deep-seeded disputes that require expert advocacy.

Our firm uses a multidisciplinary approach, partnering with professionals in various disciplines to determine the best resolution to difficult custody and timesharing cases.

Property Division

Property division can be a major subject of dispute in couples breaking up, similar to divorce cases.  We have vast experience in the tracing of assets and valuation of disputed property.  Our legal team excels in identifying and protecting our client’s interest in assets and apportioning them appropriately.  We partner with an experienced network of forensic accountants, financial analysts and valuation experts when needed to obtain the best outcome for our client.

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