Spousal Support - Alimony

Spousal support (commonly referred to as alimony) can be one of the more contentious and complex issues in a divorce. This is particularly true when spouses are divorcing after a lengthy marriage or if there are significant differences in earnings or earning potential.

New Mexico courts are required to take a number of factors into consideration when determining whether to award spousal support. These include:

  • Relative earning capacities of each spouse
  • Income of each spouse
  • Ages and health status of the spouses
  • Length of the marriage
  • The standard of living or lifestyle over the course of the marriage
  • The type and nature of each spouse’s assets
  • Income produced by the property owned by each spouse
  • Agreements entered into by the spouses in contemplation of their dissolution of marriage or legal separation, such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

An award of spousal support is within the discretion of the court and often with a wide range of potential outcomes. Presentation of evidence on either side of a spousal support case requires unique expertise.

The attorneys at Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, P.A. have substantial experience in litigating complex spousal support cases as well as addressing these issues outside of court in a collaborative setting and through mediation, facilitation, or direct negotiations.

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