Surrogacy makes it possible for an intended parent who does not have the ability to carry a pregnancy to have a genetically-related child. Roberta Batley is experienced in the surrogacy process, working with either the surrogates or the intended parents, and the agencies that match the surrogate with intended parents. She discusses the expectations in terms of timeline, costs, and issues that could arise, answering any questions the surrogate or intended parents may have along the way.

The surrogate, or gestational carrier, contract between the surrogate and the intended parents is very detailed and extensive and discusses all aspects of the surrogacy agreement. Ms. Batley completes a review of the contract with the surrogate so that everyone involved will have a clear expectation of the process moving forward.

Ms. Batley addresses and resolves all the legal logistics of a surrogacy agreement with the surrogate. Once the contracts are signed, then the agency the surrogate or intended parents is involved with will proceed with the medical portions of that surrogate’s program.

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