How Will Your Children Remember Your Divorce?


Do you want your children to remember that you and your spouse acted in ways you would not be proud of later? Do you want them to remember feeling insecure and that there would not be enough money? Or would you rather them remember:

  • They were assured they would spend time with you and your spouse.
  • They were secure that each of you loved them and approved that they loved their other parent.
  • That both parents made sure that they were taken care of financially.
  • That Mom and Dad were able to put them first.

The way you and your spouse resolve your divorce has a lot to do with what memory you make for your children. If you can put their needs before your own, treat each other with respect and attempt to communicate with each other that is what they will remember. If your time, attention and money are spent fighting and litigating with your spouse, you are stressed and cannot be the best parent that you can be. Collaborative Divorce allows you to respectively and privately resolve your differences.

Isn’t that the way you want your children to remember your divorce?