About Our Team

Our Team

One of the things that sets us apart from other divorce firms, to use a sports analogy, is the “depth of our bench,” more depth of experience than many other firms. Our New Mexico Board Certified Family Law Specialists are attorneys who can handle cases involving the largest and most complicated assets and issues and also provide efficient, and effective representation in moderate asset cases.

Our commitment to you

We are committed to providing the highest level of legal services to our clients with the most complex matrimonial matters. We help our clients determine the best approach for their divorce. Some clients are best served by traditional litigation, from a negotiation, facilitation, or mediation. Others benefit from the privacy and team approach to the collaborative divorce process.

What makes us different

Each divorce is unique and we work with our clients to achieve the best and most dignified resolution to their marriage. We understand that privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to our clients.