Why should I consider hiring Little, Gilman-Tepper and Batley, P.A.?

We specialize in providing a very high level of legal advice to a very distinct and sophisticated clientele. Just like our clients, we are very selective. We do not take every case. We are sensitive to our clients’ desire for discretion and privacy. Our attorneys, and those experts with whom we associate, offer a wealth of experience to our clients. Our foremost desire is to provide personalized service to our clients and lead them to the best outcome possible for the resolution of their marriage.

How does the Firm approach divorce cases?

We understand that divorce is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. With combined experience of over seventy-five years of practice, our attorneys are highly qualified to deal with any situation presented. We pursue all avenues to resolve family matters in a non-hostile and constructive manner, using mediation and collaborative divorce when possible. However, if litigation is necessary, our attorneys are well qualified to protect your interests in court.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a new way to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court. You and your spouse would each retain an attorney trained in Collaborative Divorce. Your attorneys along with other trained Collaborative professionals would work as a team. The team would include a financial coach, mental health coach and if necessary a child specialist. You and your spouse would commit to resolving conflicts through the Collaborative process and not go to court. The benefits of a Collaborative process include negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement to all parties without having a Judge decide. The process requires open communication and information sharing among all parties. The result is a much less combative process which strives to maintain positive relationships especially where children are involved. Collaborative Divorce also affords both parties the most privacy of all divorce options.

How do I become a client?

The process begins with a telephone call to our office. After a brief interview with one of our staff members, your case is evaluated and an initial consultation appointment is usually set with an attorney. At the initial consultation appointment, an attorney will discuss your case including costs and potential attorney fees. Because of the nature of family law, it is important that our clients are honest and forthright in our office, in our initial contact as well as throughout the process.

How does your legal team work?

Our lawyers, paralegals and support staff are highly trained to handle your divorce needs. When you retain our services, you are hiring the entire firm. Because each case is unique, we utilize a team approach, drawing on the strength of our members.

Does the Firm handle cases other than divorce?

Based on the complexity of our cases, the attorneys not only handle divorce matters, but work with other experts on business and property valuations, professional and celebrity goodwill, tax, trust and estate planning matters as well as investment and pension issues for our clients.

Will my case be kept private and confidential?

Absolutely. All members of the Firm understand the importance of keeping all matters private and confidential.

Is it necessary for a Judge to decide my case?

While all of our attorneys are ready to try your case if necessary, most cases are settled by negotiation and without court intervention.