Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law takes an entirely different approach to settlement than the traditional negotiation method. It is a respectful and private process. The goal of collaborative law is cooperation without the threat of going to court. The process includes financial, child, and coaching professionals.

Both parties and their attorneys sign an agreement committing to the collaborative approach and agreeing not to file for divorce (if one is not already filed). If already filed, the parties may still choose collaborative and the Court case will be “Stayed” with a Stipulated Order. The parties, along with other trained professionals work together to develop creative options to resolve issues, including those that might not be available under the court model. With control over the process, parties are more likely to feel satisfied with the outcome.

Once signed, however, if a collaborative agreement cannot be reached both attorneys must withdraw from the case and the parties can proceed to litigation with new counsel.

The attorneys of Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, P.A. are recognized experts in collaborative law cases and active members of the New Mexico Collaborative Practice Group, Albuquerque Collaborative Practice Group, and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Not every case is appropriate for the collaborative model and each must be evaluated individually. Contact us today to determine if a collaborative divorce is best for you.