Divorce is a difficult and emotional time for all parties involved. Divorces can range from the very simple to the more complex with unusual or highly valued assets.

Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, P.A. handles all types of divorces and our attorneys bring nationally recognized experience to each case.  We will help you identify and evaluate any issues, consider the cost and benefit of pursuing them, and adopt a strategic and effective approach to the resolution of those issues.

Our Firm strives to address your needs compassionately and respectfully and to develop personal legal plans that meet your particular goals.

Common Divorce Issues:

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New Mexico Residency Divorce Requirements

In order to file for divorce in New Mexico, one must be a resident for six months immediately preceding the filing. However, if residency is an issue, another option is to file an action for legal separation, which does not require a six-month residency.