Facilitation and Mediation

Settlement Facilitation is a mediation process during which the Facilitator helps parties represented by legal counsel reach a full agreement. The standard process includes both spouses and attorneys attending a mediation session (sometimes called facilitation) at the Settlement Facilitator’s office for either a full or half day.

Prior to the facilitation day, the attorneys outline for the Facilitator what issues have been agreed upon and which issues are still in dispute. Each attorney states their client’s “legal position” on the disputed areas and the Mediator/Facilitator then works with both sides to determine the best path to agreement.

These mediations are often successful when both attorneys and clients are well prepared and each side has had access to all relevant information.

The attorneys at Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, P.A. are well experienced in the broad range of family law legal issues that may arise in a divorce case. Their extensive experience with settlement facilitations, combined with skillful collaborative techniques provide added strength to their facilitation services.

Mediation is a process which allows the parties to meet together with a neutral Mediator focused on the parties desire to reach settlement.  The Mediator does not represent either of the parties and does not offer legal advice. Instead, the Mediator provides the parties with information about the law regarding the issues they seek to resolve.  The process empowers the parties to decide what happens in their case instead of allowing the court to decide.  The parties ultimately reach their own agreement.

Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, P.A. provides Mediation services for domestic relations matters including divorce, custody and domestic partner dissolutions.  The Mediation process works best when the parties are emotionally fit, able to openly communicate about their issues and are willing to compromise.  Parties considering Mediation should feel like they are on an “equal playing field” when negotiating with each other.  Our attorneys’ extensive experience with Mediation settlements, combined with skillful collaborative techniques provide added strength to the Mediation process we provide.