Generally we have found the best solutions to domestic disputes occur through effective settlement facilitations with reasonable attorneys and parties willing to consider alternatives.  Our experienced team of attorneys are proud of the numerous, customized solutions that we’ve been able to negotiate for our clients through the settlement facilitation process.

However, sometimes there are issues or circumstances requiring a hearing in court for the Judge to decide the outcome.  In the event of litigation, your lawyer needs to be your advocate, your shark, and in Court, your very best friend.

Roberta S. Batley, Randy W. Powers, Jr. and Sheryl L. Saavedra are our primary litigation attorneys at Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley.  Sandra Morgan Little, our most seasoned litigator, advises and develops the trial strategy for many of our litigated cases.  Our attorneys are well known in the courts by the Judges, bailiffs and court staff primarily for their preparedness, knowledge of the law, workable solutions, and effective arguments on behalf of their clients.

When you engage our Firm to represent you in your matter, you are employing a team of award recognized attorneys having a 25 year depth of trial experience.  Although one attorney is assigned to your matter, the team of attorneys advise and develop your case strategy through the Firm’s weekly case review meetings.  This internal process permits the Firm to provide its wealth of expertise and presentation skills to the unique issues of each case.

Contact us at Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley if you have a domestic relations issue. We will be glad to discuss options and guide you to the most cost-effective, beneficial solution for you and your changing family.